Jul 5, 2012

3 Years Get Along....

Assalamualaikum readers and mates.....

Hi! I'm newbie! it's a bit awkward actually to write while there's another outstanding bloggers out there... okay, I mean our classmates =) sure you guys knows them well....heee~
Basically, i just want to remind you guys our 3rd anniversary. It's on July 13. Since everyone are busying bussinessing, camping... I'm pretty sure.. again, we're x going to celebrate it T_T.  To be truthful, Yes.. I'm frustrating! well.. people change, life also change. Okay, forget about most wanted jamuan...

Mates, I plan a trip to Langkawi end of this semester. Well... jomlaaa, kn dh nk praktikum next sem! final sem of happiness kot ni... =) okay, nmpak mcm desperate sgt kann ...

Teringin nk bergmbar dgn korang kt sini =)

Ohhh.. okay, I'm pretty sure some of you mesti xde masa nk create semester's album like what I do kann! So, here's I share with you all  some moments yg pernah wujud along last semester.

sketching and brainstorming

final touch up
We won!

Our 1st Field Trip
unplanned jamuan but fun!
sila terliur cepatt!

well.. there's more actually =) no worries, I'd burn into cd each end of semester... sape nk pnjm okay je, i'm x going to charge you unless it broken or lost! I know you guys well rasanya... always misplace n forgetful =) opps, sorry to airing this out loud!! heee~ 

p/s: mates, save up your expenses okay... kot2 la Langkawi comes true! 

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  1. sweet sngat mey! in memory..thnks for the updated. :))


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